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Jewelry Appraisals

Govind and Sons Fine Jewelry Appraisal process is fast and affordable. We offer on site jewelry appraisals for insurance.  Your appraisal report can often be completed same day, as we know people do not like to be without their jewelry for long!  However, we are a retail fine jewelry establishment so there may be times you would be asked to leave your jewelry for a few days if say it’s the holiday seasons. If that is the case, rest assured your jewelry will never leave our store walls and will be returned to you within the time frame promised to you at drop off.  If you are uncomfortable leaving your jewelry, please call ahead and setup an appointment with our Gemologist Appraiser, we are happy to make time to sit with you personally while we appraise your jewelry! Our Appraisal services are done by Govind or Gopal, they are both trained experienced diamond grading experts and certified as Gemologists from the Gemological Institute of America. They are always on site at our store ready to assist you. They provide clear grading with professional certification, appraisal documentations on any piece of jewelry you have. Just bring it in and we will happily take a look.

Your first appraisal cost can be from $45-100 depending on the complexity of the jewelry.
Each additional item you need appraised will apply for a special discounted group appraisal price. Call us for a quote.

To book an appointment please call our store: (352) 377-8787 or do it online by clicking here



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*Please Note* Jewelry items must be present at the time an appraisal is requested.

These fees apply to the majority of appraisals we encounter.  In some special instances the appraisal fee could be reduced or increased based on research and time required to complete the appraisal. If this is the case, we will discuss this with you at the time you come in once we see your jewelry piece. We will be able to accurately quote you the price on the spot for a written appraisal once the jewelry is seen in person. No surprises!

Need help identifying your jewelry or colored gemstones? Our jewelry appraiser got you covered!

People come across all kinds of precious stones, engagement rings, wedding bands, gemstones, diamond jewelry, antique jewelry, estate jewelry, custom jewelry, old jewelry, timepieces, sapphires, rubies, and much more valuables in life. From inheritances to jewelry you’ve found on the street, whatever the case may be for yours, if you would like to learn more about its value and quality then please come and see our jeweler! Verbal appraisals are free because everyone should know the quality and appraisal value of what treasures they own. We will be happy to take a look at anything you have.

To book an appointment for jewelry appraisal or jewelry design please call our store: (352) 377-8787 or schedule it right now online by clicking here

In the jewelry business gemology and appraising is a skilled profession, whether it is to buy or sell or declare an appraised value. Colored stones, loose diamonds have an intricate grading system within the jewelry industry. Jewelry appraisers with Gia certified credential knowledge are trained in diamonds and gemstones. From a emerald cut morganite to a brilliant cut moissanite, our jewelers using a loupe and microscopes can find inscription and inclusions which help to separate synthetics from natural gems. Jewelry from anywhere has a history and we take pride in educating our clients of the value of their pieces so they can better decide whether they’d like to resale or keep at item for insuring purposes. We highly recommend Jewelers Mutual, by far the best in the insurance industry for jewelry. 

As fine jewelers we have your best interest in mind, If you are looking to sell gem jewelry or a Gia diamond, we can provide you with a unbiased, fair market value expectation for your piece so you don’t have to risk getting a liquidation value from a pawn shop. Stop by here first. We also provide consignment services as well in our jewelry store.

We have been providing professional appraisal work for over 52 years. We have the appraisal training and knowledge to offer valuations on any piece of jewelry you may have. Our appraisals are very affordable and of exceptional detail. We provide you with a signed, sealed, and stamped certification of authenticity of which includes a report writing of the replacement value of your jewelry with details. This Appraisal foundation paperwork has everything you need for insurance on your jewelry piece(s). We are known to majority of the jewelry insurance companies for our good name and efficient work. Rest assured you are in good hands. We look forward to serving you.

To book an appointment for jewelry designs, jewelry repair, or jewelry appraisals please call our store: (352) 377-8787 or schedule it right now online by clicking here