Specializing in Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands, and Custom Design! As well as Jewelry Repair, Jewelry Appraisals from GIA Gemologists, and Diamond Specialists and a world wide selection of the best diamonds and colored gemstones in town!

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About Us

For thousands of years, jewelry has been a part of human culture – a universal form of adornment that has symbolized accomplishments, personality, style, and love.

At Govind and Sons Fine Jewelry, we believe jewelry should be as unique as the moments, memories, and people that inspire it, not just something off a shelf or out of a catalog. It’s something that should be created just for you. Everyone in this world is special and unique in their own ways and with each unique individual comes a one of a kind relationship with another. These relationships, whether it’s a husband and wife, a father and daughter, or a couple in love… all deserve that one of a kind gift from their loved one that symbolizes the special bond they share. This was my father’s mindset 45 years ago when he set out to begin creating everlasting pieces of jewelry. With that mindset and only 7 dollars in his pocket to start… he pursued his dream and made it a reality…

Since then, Govind Ghosh, Founder of Govind and Sons Fine Jewelry, has been serving people from all over the world for the last 45 years and most importantly our local Gainesville community for over 15 years. We know and have what it takes to facilitate your every need. From In-House Jewelry Repair to Beautiful Engagement Ring Selections to your very own Custom Design. Having already created over 10,000 beautiful custom designs for engagement rings, anniversaries, and birthday/graduation gifts, we promise to deliver and exceed your expectations because what matters most to us….is your happiness.

You’ll find that we have something special for everyone, no matter what your price range is. We offer a wide selection of exceptional engagement rings, wedding bands, earrings, necklaces, pendants, high end watches, as well as beautiful colored gemstones and diamonds from around the world and always conflict-free guaranteed. With our experienced staff, One of the things that we pride ourselves in is the ability to educate our clients about their diamond ring and jewelry purchase. Everyone deserves the best quality at an affordable price, comfortably within budget.

Govind, along with his Son, are both GIA Graduate Gemologists & Diamond Specialists, who specialize in Custom Design with over 45 years of combined experience. They are honored to assist you with your every need. We do all in-house custom design and jewelry repair, along with Appraisal & Engraving services. We also offer free jewelry cleanings and if you have any jewelry you aren’t wearing then bring it in; we can trade it in for something beautiful just for you! We love working with our guests and we will be happy to assist you in anything you may need.


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When most people think of custom design, they worry it could be expensive but that’s not the case anymore! Govind & Sons can make any engagement ring or custom design piece for less then anywhere else, even online! We have the newest and greatest custom design equipment, from virtual cadcam design programs to lifelike renderings, so you can visually see exactly what your piece will look like before it is even created. Unlike the vast majority of jewelry stores in our area, we have an intimate understanding of the best and most cost effective way to make your custom design ideas come to life. Whether it is creating a one of a kind engagement ring or recreating a piece of jewelry from the past, you will be very surprised how easy it is to create your very own design. We can make anything you want, from a picture on a phone to even just an idea in your head. We have what it takes to make your dream piece of jewelry.


From simple repairs to the most complex projects, Govind and Sons Fine Jewelry has the experience to complete the task with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We have over 45 years of combined experience repairing jewelry, rest assured, we have the tools and knowledge to do it right.


Here at Govind & Sons, Govind and Gopal are both experienced Graduate Gemologists & Diamond Specialists from the Gemological Institute of America, We have the qualifications and knowledge to appraise any piece of jewelry you may have. Our appraisals are very affordable and of exceptional detail. We provide you with a signed, sealed, and stamped certification of authenticity. Which has everything you need for insurance on your jewelry piece(s).  We are known to majority of the jewelry insurance companies for our good name and efficient work. so rest assured you are in good hands. We look forward to seeing you.


We offer free jewelry cleanings to all! Let’s face it over the months our jewelry starts to dirty and loses it’s shine from all the lotions, shampoos and essential oils of our skin. But just like you keep yourself clean and relaxed, your jewelry also likes to do to its own spa treatment every six months. Regular cleanings extend your jewelry’s life and allows it to be cleaned and inspect by experienced jeweler who can make sure it is nice and healthy without any loose stones or brakes. (Like a doctors appointment) Then After a relaxing professionally cleaning and polish your treasures will look good as new, with worry-free day to day wearing for you both.


We have a fabulous collection of classic to cutting edge jewelry designs and unique styles that nurture your emotions and enhance the joy of gift giving and receiving. The inspiration for our jewelry designs comes from our customers as well as the jewelry trade shows that we attend to source the latest and most innovative jewelry products from across the globe. At Govind and Sons, you will find a wide selection of fine jewelry, from exquisite Engagement rings, gorgeous Fashion Rings, beautiful Earrings & Pendants, to attractive Bracelets as well as many Unique and Custom Styles. Our spectacular range of jewelry is studded with a variety of diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, tanzanite, pearls, aquamarine and other semi-precious gemstones. We have a stunning collection of gold and silver jewelry as well as many watch brands to provide you a wide range to choose from for every occasion.


We realize that individual taste, styling and design are extremely important to you when you decide to make your jewelry purchase. Our goal is to provide quality services and products with the highest degree of customer satisfaction. Our globally sourced designs help to express your unique personality and suit your lifestyle. We will personally help you to select the exact style & design that will celebrate the important occasions and milestones of your life.
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Govind and Sons Fine Jewelry
2441 NW 43rd St Apt.24A
Gainesville, FL 32606


(352) 377-8787 Or (352) 222-9696