Engagement ring ideas

Choosing Your Style

Here are some videos below to get you started on your search for the perfect engagement ring! And right at the comfort of your home!

We can personally make any style there is out there in the world so you are in good hands, we promise. So if you don’t already have an idea of your ring then these videos will help you explore different styles and options of which ring will be best for you! Also if you feel like you would like guidance or our expertise in helping you find the perfect ring for you then please free to call us at 352-377-8787 or stop by our shop where we have hundreds of styles for you to try on. We are personally here with you every step of the way!


It all begins with I Do….but first you need a ring!

Always start with the classic’s and build ideas from there:

Classic Styles:


Vintage & Modern Styles:

So perhaps a simple solitaire isn’t so expressive to what you want in the ring you will be wearing for the rest of your life? Perhaps you would like a intricate handmade engagement ring or possible a half bezel or halo engagement ring?


If you want a traditional engagement ring that has the simplicity and timeless look of history then go through our 100 years of engagement rings to see what era you love best. Traditionally Timeless Engagement Rings that will never go out of style:


We have collected beautiful jewelry, glistening diamonds and stunning gemstones from around the world, and with our large family of 12 siblings all scattered within the jewelry industry around this world, We get all our diamonds and gemstones conflict-free from the source and most importantly from our trusted family. Eliminating any middle man expenses between source to jewelry store. We have trained jewelers to assist you with all your jewelry needs. We have skilled specialist in Custom Design to where if you have an idea of what you want, we can work with you to create your perfect jewelry piece.


Want to see more Engagement Ring Options? Then Please click the link below:



We will be happy to personally assist your every need at: 352-377-8787





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