Jewelry Care

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Jewelry Care

Congratulations! You have own a beautiful piece of jewelry that will last for generations. Here are some tips and guidelines so that you can keep your jewelry perfect over time.


General Maintenance Info for your jewelry:

Jewelry is constantly exposed to wear and tear. For example, think of these scenarios: How many activities do you do using your hands every day? Or, consider a pendant swinging back and forth that could possibly come in contact with other objects or get pulled on. Metal expands and contracts depending on the earth’s elements and temperatures throughout the days , so how can you keep your jewelry in excellent shape? No need to worry! It’s easy!

The most important advice we can give to you is to consistently bring in your jewelry at least every six months for a free cleaning and inspection. Then, we can check and tighten any loose gems and give you a full report on your jewelry’s condition.


  • Bring in your jewelry for a free inspection and cleaning every 6 months.
  • Have your rings sized perfectly to you. (This will ensure it never falls off)
  • Place jewelry in the same place every time when you get home
  • Enjoy your beautiful jewelry!


  • Don’t wear during exercise, yard work, dish washing, or heavy lifting. Just as a precaution!
  • Don’t let jewelry rub against other metals or rough and hard surfaces.



We highly recommend having your jewelry insured, either through home insurance or a jewelry insurance company. Ask us for more info. We recommend Jewelers Mutual!

Jewelry Safety

To keep your jewelry in perfect condition, keep it from rubbing against other metals or any hard or rough surface. When you’re not wearing your jewelry, keep it in a jewelry box or special designated place.

Do not wear your jewelry when doing extreme workouts or sports, yard work, or other rough activities that could risk you losing or damaging it. Finally, remove your rings when you shower or put on lotion as the prevents your diamond or gemstone to get some of that on it, which will keep it from getting dull.

When traveling, keep your jewelry from tangling together. Many people purchase inexpensive travel wedding bands so they don’t have to worry about losing their expensive rings! We have lot’s if you’re interested!

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Home Cleaning

You can clean most jewelry at home with warm water and a dab of liquid dish soap.

Basically all you gotta do is soak your piece in a bowl of this solution for a few minutes and then gently wash with a soft toothbrush and then towel dry. Make sure to keep your jewelry away from the faucet! Don’t wanna risk it falling down the drain.

Ultrasonic cleaning is a great way to clean your jewelry, but never have this done without an inspection first, we offer free professional jewelry cleanings in our store 🙂



Gems tend to loosen over time due to normal wear and tear when in jewelry settings. It is important to have your jewelry inspected at least every 6 months to make sure your gems are secure.



Do not expose pearls to heat or chemicals, because these may alter the color of the pearl as well as loosen the glue holding it in the piece which is in most pearl jewelry nowadays.

Pearls are also very soft, so beware of rough surfaces.


Eternity Bands

Eternity bands need special care because the stones go all the way around the band. There is more increase of risk of losing a stone because there are so many from all angles, so be especially aware of risky walls or surfaces when placing your hand there and make sure to have your ring consistently inspected.




Platinum is the most precious metal in fine jewelry and the strongest for holding gemstones. Platinum will last longer than any other metal, I have seen platinum vintage rings 100 years old and still in good shape!

White Gold

One thing to know with white gold jewelry care, white gold isn’t a natural color of the gold metal. White gold is yellow gold that has been plated with rhodium, so the white color will eventually wear down over time, but it is a easy fix, just take it to a jewelry store or us to get it re-rhodium plated whenever you start seeing yellow gold hints in your ring.  Many clients of ours re-plate their ring one a year.




The bottom line and most important thing to remember is to always enjoy your jewelry! Remember, stop by or mail your jewelry to us at least every six months so we can keep it beautiful for you, free of charge. Feel free to contact us if you ever have any questions.

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