Govind and Sons By Gainesville Sun

be dazzled

FROM THE MOMENT you enter Govind and Son’s Fine Jewelry, you quickly realize that this is not just any jewerly store. The elegantly displayed assortment of fine gemstones and spectacular custom-crafted desings are nothing short of captivating. And the enchantment doesn’t fully take effect until you meet the jeweler behind the magic, Govind Ghosh.

Govind has a wide selection of jewerly, with each gemstone available in a variety, in fact, that he never has to order a gemstone. If you want something unique, you can create a piece yourself with help from an expert jewelry designer. In addition, because he uses wholesale stock for his store, there is no middle-man therefore the savings are passed to the customer, so purchansing unique and beautiful jewerly is well within reach!

For the past four years, Govind has been providing Gainesville with more than jewelry. A former teacher, Govind’s eagerness to share his knowledge of gemstones with his customers becomes apparent as he reveals the secrets behind discerning between a genuine gemstone and an imitation, and the careful considerations that accompany jewelry making. ” An educated purchase is a confident purchase,” Govind said. “Education illuminates for each of the customers the mysteries behind karat weight, most desirable cuts, clarity, optimal and the essentiality of design compatibility.”

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