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If you dream It, We can make it!

Ever have that picture on your phone of that perfect engagement ring you’ve been dreaming about but have no idea where to get it? Don’t worry, We can make it! With over 45 years of custom design experience, we promise you we can make your dreams…a reality.

Govind and Sons Fine Jewelry is a family owned and operated full service jewelry store, From one of a kind engagement rings to rare colored gemstones and custom design pieces from around the world! We have something special within anyone’s budget.
We are proud to be serving the Gainesville community for over 15 years, and the jewelry industry for more then 45 years as master jewelers. Govind and his son Gopal are Experienced Graduate Gemologists from The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and expert Diamond Specialists. We promise the best prices and the best quality.
We have collected beautiful jewelry, glistening diamonds and stunning gemstones from around the world, and with our large family of 12 siblings all scattered within the jewelry industry around this world, We get all our diamonds and gemstones conflict-free from the source and most importantly from our trusted family. Eliminating any middle man expenses between source to jewelry store. We have trained jewelers to assist you with all your jewelry needs. We have skilled specialist in Custom Design to where if you have an idea of what you want, we can work with you to create your perfect jewelry piece. We have been repairing jewelry for decades and with the latest in technology, we promise the fastest turn around time and best repair prices in town! Your jewelry is our number one priority.
Custom Design

We work together in every step of the design process. We’ll take the design we’ve created with you and create a wax model – either hand-carved by a master craftsman or created with the aid of a computer cad cam software and paired with an image of the finished piece for you to really see what it will look like before it is even made. Depending on how complex your design is, the modeling process we use is a high tech cadcam software which will give you a digitized image/ rendering of your custom design for you to view and approve or make changes. We’ll continue to work with you to modify your design until it’s perfect.

After you approve the design, your custom piece of jewelry is cast, and our expert jewelers set your choice of diamonds or gemstones. The jewelry is polished and finished by hand and presented to you.  All within 2.5 weeks or as soon as you need it.

Passionate Artisans Of Custom Design Jewelry
Repairs & Maintenance
Let’s Face it Life isn’t perfect. Sometimes your jewelry needs a little help. And no matter what it is, your jewelry has just as much emotional as monetary value. You can trust our trained family jewelers with your fine jewelry. We’ve been honored to serve you here in Gainesville FL for over 15 years. We offer repair services and regular cleaning and maintenance. And it doesn’t even matter to us where you bought your jewelry; we’ll treat everything with the utmost care and professionalism. We promise the quickest turn around time and best prices in town! With over 45 years of combined bench jewelry experience, we have what it takes to fix what’s broken.
We can repair all of your treasured jewelry right here in our store. Big job or small, we’ve got you covered. Here is a list of some of the things we can do for you:
    • Ring Sizing
    • Watch Repair
    • Polishing and cleaning
    • Replacing missing stone
    • All Jewelry Repair
    • All Watch Repair
    • High End Watch Service
    • Broken rings
    • Rhodium Plating
    • Professional Jewelry Cleaning
    • Engraving
    • Re-tipping prongs
    • Soldering or Laser Soldering
    • Glasses Repair
    • Adding or removing watch links
    • Extending necklace lengths
    • Restringing pearls
    • Clasp repair or replacement
    • And much much more! Please come on by and we will take care of you and fix what is broken.
Have some jewelry but don’t know what it’s worth? 
 Bring it on in, We can asses the value verbally for free within minutes.
Bring Your Jewelry In For Free Cleanings
Just like with your car, regular service will extend the life of your jewelry. We can check the prongs that hold diamonds and color stones. If they’re loose, we’ll tighten them. We also professionally clean and polish your treasures and check clasps for wear and best of all the cleaning and inspection is always free!
Govind & Sons Trade Your Gold Exchange: 
Have gold, platinum, or silver jewelry you don’t wear anymore? We’ll buy/trade your valuables at the most competitive price. Don’t Go To A Pawn Shop without checking a jewelry store! Come here to get the best offers you’ll get in town. We will do an assessment of your jewelry so we can find out how to get you the most for you from your jewelry.
Appraisals Jewelry Services

Your jewelry is valuable to you – you love it, treasure it. But along with the emotional value, it does have a monetary value as well. But you may have inherited jewelry or watches or received them as gifts, so you don’t know exactly what their current value is. If you want to insure your jewelry and watches, you need to know what they’re worth (and not just to you) Most insurance companies request a Appraisal Documentation to be done on what you would like to ensure. This is where we can help, As GIA Gemologists we promise the best and fastest jewelry appraisals which will be signed and stamped by us and given to you as a detailed report for your insurer. We (Govind and Sons) are known to some of the largest insurer companies in the world so you are in good hands!


A jewelry and watch appraisal will answer these questions of value, and give you a sense of relaxation while wearing your rings knowing if it gets lost or stolen it is insured!


In an appraisal, our certified gemologist or appraisal expert will inspect your jewelry, diamonds and gemstones. Bring documentation such as sales slips, diamond or gemstone grading reports and warranties if you have them. The appraisal will take into account:

  • Current retail prices for your item
  • Brand names, serial numbers, model numbers (for watches), identifying manufacturer’s marks on diamonds or trademark stamps
  • The karatage for gold; the stamping of the percentage on platinum.
  • The metal of prongs and mountings
  • For diamonds and gemstones, the appraiser will evaluate the 4Cs (cut, color, clarity and carat weight)
  • Essential a full assessment of the piece(s)
At the end of the appraisal process, you will receive a detailed report, with pictures and diagrams, and a statement that will be signed sealed and stamped by a GIA graduate gemologist of what your jewelry or watches are worth. This paper can be used directly for your insurance if you are wanting to get insurance for your jewelry.
Here are Govind and Sons, As a Family Jewelry Store, We consider our clients family and we would be honored to help assist you in any of your jewelry needs.
We look forward to seeing you.
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